Havana Vieja

Havana Vieja (Old Havana) is the original Spanish settlement at the entrance of the Bay of Havana. Founded in 1519, its packed architectural treasures, arranged around 5 main plazas, with narrow cobblestone streets connecting them. 

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Havana Vieja photos

I mostly only take photos in Havana just before or immediately after dawn. Once the sun is up the shadows are too strong and its difficult to see the beauty of the architecture. Besides, its cool and quite then. There are lots more tourists in and cafes in the old city since our last visit. Mostly, I suspect because WIFI is now available. Building are being restored at a fast pace, and new restaurants are opening daily.

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Trinidad Cuba roadtrip

A family visit and beach trip to the south coast

Trinidad Cuba beaches on the south side of Cuba aren’t as turquoise or clear, much the same way the east and west side of Florida are different. But wet, warm and beautiful none-the-less. 

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 Trinidad Cuba photos

Trinidad is one of the most spectacular settings of the cities of Cuba.  A small town nestled into the hills of the Escambray Mountains, Trinidad was founded in 1514, and is now a UNESCO World heritage site. We have family living nearby, in the mountains. Its nice and cool there, and a good place for growing onions. Its about an hour to the beach. Playa Ancon is south of Trinidad, and has the look of a faded, forgotten Italian beach in a long forgotten town that attracts few visitors. But that’s the best thing about it. Its quite.

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Sports Stadiums

Waiting for the next event 

Havana sports stadiums are waiting fro the next big event to get some much need repairs. The Jose-Marti-Parque-Stadium, built in 1940 was a legacy of the Bastista regime – then added onto after the Revolution. Who is willing to take credit to fix it up again?

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 Havana sports stadiums

This two stadiums are in the Vedado neighborhood of Havana. The first, Jose-Marti-Parque-Stadium,  is right on the ocean. I photographed it on my first visit to Cuba in 2007, and the diving platform was still standing.

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Sancti Spiritus roadtrip

Central Cuba’s Sancti Spiritus

 Its quiet, well-kept provincial city. Just south, on the coast is the town of Trinidad, a UNESCO world heritage site. 

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Sancti Spiritus photos

Located more or less in the center of Cuba, The capital city of was founded in 1518.

Havana Centro

The heart of Havana.

Just outside the old city walls, Centro is the most densely populated area in Cuba. Tightly packed streets, grand churches, and 450 years of architecture, all in easy walking distance.

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Havana Centro photos

Havana Vedado

Compared to the tight streets of Central Havana, Vedado is a lush suburb with grand house and broad streets.  But in easy walking distance th the city center. Vedado is the 1920’s era neighborhood of Havana and also where the modern hotels and casinos were built in the 1950s.

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Vedado Havana photos

The University of Havana is also here and it sits on top of the hilly part of the city.

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