Masonic Hall

This Masonic Hall was badly damaged by Hurricane Irma.
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Hurricane Houses

A road trip north of Santci Spiritu revealed the extent of the damage inflicted by Hurricane Irma. This man’s house collapsed months ago and is waiting he has to live in the house as is, until help arrives.
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Cuba people portraits. Havana is a sophisticated city, like any city in Europe or the States, where most people don’t like having a big camera aimed at them like a gun.  I travel with a tiny pocket camera that I keep in the palm of my hand. I usually will only take a photo of someone that I have some kind of interaction with.

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 Cuba people portraits

Trinidad Cuba roadtrip

A family visit and beach trip to the south coast

Trinidad Cuba beaches on the south side of Cuba aren’t as turquoise or clear, much the same way the east and west side of Florida are different. But wet, warm and beautiful none-the-less. 

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 Trinidad Cuba photos

Trinidad is one of the most spectacular settings of the cities of Cuba.  A small town nestled into the hills of the Escambray Mountains, Trinidad was founded in 1514, and is now a UNESCO World heritage site. We have family living nearby, in the mountains. Its nice and cool there, and a good place for growing onions. Its about an hour to the beach. Playa Ancon is south of Trinidad, and has the look of a faded, forgotten Italian beach in a long forgotten town that attracts few visitors. But that’s the best thing about it. Its quite.

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Cuban Flags

December is season for Cuban flag watching

With Carnival, Jose Marti’s birthday and the anniversary of the Revolution, Cuba is red white and blue all the way. 
Hint: Cuba flag= blue stripes and one star. Puerto Rico=red stripes and one star.

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Cuban flags

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