About the work

Michael Reardon worked as a designer in Singapore and Hong Kong, and photographed and kept sketchbooks while traveling. I went on extensive trips to Maylasia, Thailand, Java and Bali. Afterwards, I took a 1 1/2 year backpacking trip through Sumatra, Thailand, India, Nepal, China and The Philippines. SInce then, I’ve gone back to do month-long travels in Central India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Japan. 

The most recent photos are from Cuba. I’ve visited there in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013 and 2016.

 I travel with sketchbooks, watercolors and bags of pencils. Its a good way to remember places and learn more about how things are situated by drawing maps and simplifying detail, along with recording daily events and adventures. I can also look at a page in a sketchbook and even remember what I was thinking about while drawing.

While working as a designer,  I showed my sketchbooks to art directors and began getting commissions work for ads and editorial work. I worked fro Portland companies, then later fro New York agencies and Hong Kong. After getting an ad placed on the cover of Lurzer’s Archive ( world advertising magazine) they hired me to come to Germany and work on a a special promo book for the magazine. Sales increased by four-fold!

Fieldtrip is a communication design firm in Portland Oregon, specializing in brand management, web design, and a host of other graphic design services for commerce, education and entertainment.