Havana Hotels

Havana hotels are perfectly preserved in time, from the late 1950s. The Revolution was respectful to the modern architecture of Havana, and the grand hotels from the 19th century, as well as the freewheeling 1950s.

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Havana hotels photos

Lately, the government has been leasing the hotels to large Spanish hotel companies to manage. They are making upgrades, that have retained the architecture, but they are modernizing the furniture and it doesn’t exactly have the same feel as they did a few years ago.

Holguin roadtrip

A trip to Central Cuba’s Holguin province

On the south eastern side of Cuba before it dips down into the southern provinces, is Holguin. Possibly the least visited region of Cuba, but rich with cities, mountains and beautiful beaches. Home to both the Castro family and my wife, its well worth a visit.

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Holguin Cuba Photographs

Cuba Sugar Mills

Sugar still plays a big role in the Cuban economy.

As you drive across Cuba, the central valley is dotted with sugar mills, either still running or rusting away in vast fields. Morón is a typical sugar town in central Cuba.

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 Cuba sugar mills