The tropical sun wreaks havoc on everything it touches, but produces surprising artistic results.

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Havana textures photos


Propaganda Cuban Style

Cuban propaganda posters used to be hand-painted, which has allowed artists to develop distinctive styles. The graphic designer in me is compelled to take a photo of every example I see of signs and propaganda posters. Unlike many other countries, the heroes in Cuban posters are the intellectual and idea people, not the leaders of the government. Only since Fidel Castro’s death, do you see his image on posters. Cuba is filled with posters commemorating his life this year.

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Cuban propaganda posters photos

This list was ripe for finding great images of the Cuban revolution. With Fidel’s death just a month before, the country was still in mourning.


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Cuban graphic design

Cuban graphic design Its great to see handmade signs and custom made window displays. Besides employing a lot of artists, it gives each product a unique brand. 

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 Cuban graphic design photos

Cuban graphic design, is abundant all over the island – signs, posters and billboards and environmental art. The government has done a great job over the years of supporting local artists in every province of Cuba. Since there isn’t a huge internal market for fine art, artists are employed making mural art and public sculpture.

I take photos of every good example of design whether I go in Cuba. On the highway headed from hHavana to the airport is the richest trove of propaganda posters, and the entrance to every province has large welcome signs and posters. Restaurant and kiosks have beautiful paintings of the products of sale and large murals are on movement buildings in every city.

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Cuban Flags

December is season for Cuban flag watching

With Carnival, Jose Marti’s birthday and the anniversary of the Revolution, Cuba is red white and blue all the way. 
Hint: Cuba flag= blue stripes and one star. Puerto Rico=red stripes and one star.

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Cuban flags

Fuster Street

A street of mosaic sculpture

 José Fuster’s sculpture is influenced by Gaudi’s parks in Barcelona. His studio is the center of the art, but every fence on the street has been transformed with mosaic.

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 Fusterlandia Havana

The garden is far out on the western side of Havana. We had to take 3 taxis to get there, but its an interesting ride.