1950s Havana – the era of American cars with lots of chrome. It can be blinding in the tropical sun.

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Cuba cars photographs



Pedicabs make a big comeback in Cuba

Havana bicitaxis are confined to Havana Vieja and Centro Havana only, but its by far the best way to get around and move goods and people. And its green!

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Havana bicitaxis culture

All of the taxis are custom-made in Havana using available materials, or scraps from other vehicles. lately, with the boom in tourism, the drivers are doing well, and beginning to invest in they cabs by tricking them out with bright paint, lights and even music.

When you spend a lot of time walking around Havana, certain themes begin to emerge. The bike tax culture is one I’ve been attracted to lately. There are repair centers and indoor lots the drivers pay to park their cabs in overnight – complete with 24 hour guards. We have a family-me3mber in the business, and had many opportunities to visit the storage garages and see what taxis are for sale.

Custom Rides

The wide variety of custom  transportation in Cuba

Creativity abounds when it comes to a vehicle in Cuba. Either one was passed down through the family from the 1950s or you take spare parts and build one yourself.

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Cuban custom vehicles


Seriously, with a month to spend, working all day everyday, you couldn’t catalogue all the uniques dashboards in one neighborhood of Havana. I tried, but soon other subject matter lured me away…

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Cuba car dashboards

Cars, Cars, Cars

Havana vintage cars are in recent abundance now the tourism has increased. They are still the main mode of transportation throughout Cuba, but they are especially valuable in Havana for taxis and giving rides to tourists.

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Havana vintage cars

A lot of the cars have new transmissions and engines, but the bodies are lovingly restores with Bondo. Cubans are careful to open and shot doors and avoid traffic accidents because of the difficulty in finding replacement parts.

Encyclopedia of Cars

Challenge. Take a photo of every 1950s era car that you see – even while driving in a taxi. Do this every time you visit Cuba. There are thousands. Is it possible to record every car in Cuba?

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Photographs of Cuban cars